About Us


Ever wonder what the first step should be before initiating construction on your site? Can your site accommodate the planned construction project? Investigation of the physical and chemical properties of the soil, subsoil, rock and fault distributions on and below your site is of the utmost importance.

Basalt Services Rise Advantage | Building Relationships, through Innovative practices and exceptional Service delivery.

Geotechnics, Foundation Engineering and Construction

Basalt Services provides complete services in foundation engineering, including Pile Foundations, Geotechnical Investigations, Land Surveys, Topographical Surveys, building construction and consultancy.

Our client-centric approach ensures complete commitment to exceed client expectations from project start to completion.

We use industry-proven-best-practice techniques and procedures to investigate, analyze, and develop geotechnical engineering recommendations for both surface and subsurface exploration of your site on simple to complex problems relating to foundation engineering and soil mechanics or rocks.

Our team provides you with a diverse range of analyses for both surface and subsurface exploration of your site. Our services include, but are not limited to everything from routine testing, analyses, design and monitoring of the earthworks and structure foundations.

We evaluate how earth materials interact with your proposed construction and identify the potential risks to humans, property and the environment. The Geotechnical division of the company operates its own laboratory, which undertakes soil and material testing for construction purposes.

As a leading provider of geotechnical services, we offer expert personnel and state-of-the-art resources. With our unrivalled global network and experience, we are the first choice for civil engineering contractors, consultants, manufacturers and government agencies for both residential and corporate constructions.

With presence in Nigeria and Ghana, we are equipped to handle all aspects of engineering construction services.

To discuss how we can be of service to you, and ensure that your site can accommodate your construction project, kindly contact us today.


For the proper execution of our services we have available to us the following equipments among others.

  • Percussion Shell and Auger Drilling Rigs and accessories
  • Rotary Rigs and accessories
  • Hydraulic Rigs and accessories
  • Electric Motor Rigs and accessories
  • Continuous Flight Auger and accessories
  • Crawling cranes
  • Penetrometer Machines (2 ½ton, 10ton, 20ton) and accessories
  • Excavation tools
  • Backhoe
  • Geophysical Survey Equipment
  • Field Survey Equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Other equipment and engines

Service Crew

On all levels of our operations we have competent skilled and trained personnel and professionals for supervisory and service roles on the field, laboratory and office. These branches are all manned to ensure a strict adherence to the codes, standards and specifications.